Nostalgia’s a Killer

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is road tripping back to their college campus to kick off Welcome Week.  I’ve been receiving the Snapchats all day, people making the yearly pilgrimage back to the holy land of beer bongs and football games.  And here I am, lying in my bed in the same oversized t-shirt listening to Death Cab for Cutie hoping to get the job, a job, ANY job.

Clichés are clichés for a reason.  College truly was the greatest four years of my life.  The random Wednesday night dorm parties, dancing the night away on Fridays, piecing it all back together at the winery the next day, and the late night study sessions that turned into Chinese takeout parties in the library.  College was the best of times… but it was also the worst of times.

That’s the thing about nostalgia, you tend to forget the bad times which elevates all the good times making you believe you’re leaving your life behind.  I know I cried trying to finish a 30 page paper, I FaceTimed my mother daily to see my her and my pets faces, I endured two heartbreaks, and let’s not forget all the times I was called a slut just because of the sports team I was on.  But I don’t remember all of this, not the same way I remember laying in bed swigging wine and laughing with my three best friends who stumbled into my room one night or the way it felt to be held by the boy I was with.  I can still feel the cold, sweet wine traveling through my body, the ache of my abs from laughter, and the feel of his warm hand on my cheek as he kissed me.  I can’t feel the tears or the stress.

Nostalgia’s a killer because it makes you believe the best is behind you.  When really the best hasn’t even begun.  I’m only 22, I have at least three more heartbreaks in me, a hundred first dates to go on, and countless nights at friends houses drinking wine and eating Ben & Jerry’s while gossiping about the Bachelorette.

Nostalgia may be bringing me down today just like many recent graduates but we will all get through this.  We can’t live the next 80 years reminiscing about the time we snuck into the bar at 19.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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