I’m Back!

I’m back! Bet you thought you seen the last of me! – Or whatever Emma Roberts says in ‘American Horror Story.’

Yes, yes, I took a long hiatus away from my computer, writing, and life in general. Then something great happened- or maybe someone great happened! My absolutely amazing boyfriend bought me a brand new computer! My motivation didn’t come from the gift itself but the fact that he believes in me and supports me in doing what I love. In the past In the past I lacked that support. From my family and past partners I have had boyfriends who never even read my newspaper articles, even after asking them multiple times. This one just knows what I love to do and wants to help contribute to my happiness. Having just one person believe in me has giving me all the courage I have needed.

Okay, cooling it with the sappy “my boyfriend’s the best” stuff and onto my life after college. Wow it’s been one full year and here I am, still missing the roar of the dorms, the laziness of Wednesday, and the craziness of those second floor library study rooms. On the flip side I can’t stop thinking about my future and who I will be. I am stuck in this limbo of wanting to go back and wanting to move forward and never appreciating the present, and I’m sure many folks in their twenties and even thirties know exactly what I’m talking about.

This blog is a place for me to get all of that craziness out of my system, to express these feelings and to hopefully help and connect with others feeling the same way. But it’s not all business on here, this is supposed to be fun because what’s the point of doing something that you’re not enjoying? Honestly, life is long but life can be short, I’m not wasting this time doing something I don’t enjoy (minus that whole waking up for work thing).

Now that I have successfully ranted… enjoy the blog and don’t hesitate to talk!

PS: Enjoy my handsome puppy because I didn’t know what header photo to use 🙂

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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