Post College Relationships

What the fuck are they!?

First off, I have to put that I feel super fortunate to have found someone I truly care about and want to be with. Especially in such an obscure way (not Tinder wow, no hate) of randomly meeting someone at a concert. My friends ask me all the time ‘how do you meet people?’ Honestly, I have no fucking clue, this came out of just the right amount of beers and too short, shorts.

But second off, seriously how do people just meet people!? Apparently it is no longer acceptable to date the guy you hooked up with behind the bar because that’s trashy????? What!? I used to meet people by running around half naked and 100% drunk in the dorm when I should have been studying for my finals but apparently dating people from the bar is trashy! But honestly, how else are people supposed to meet, it’s not like we trying to bang the whole office here people!

I digress. Back to my current issue of a post college relationship. A big girl relationship. An adult relationship. A mature (if you can ever use that word with me) relationship.

With these adult relationships there are these whole new dynamics that never even crossed my mind while in school like money, living together, and a future. Maybe I was just too much of a player in college and never truly cared for the guys I dated or just knew my Prince Charming would NOT come from Winchester, VA.

These aren’t actually issues but they are things I have actually thought about. Sometimes I need to realize that my finances and terrible budgeting skills can have some effect on us. Like living together! Which we are not currently doing but why do I think about it so much!? Seriously, I have never thought about it before because that was a grown up thing but am I a grown up!? It seems fun to live with him but the whole grown up part, not so much. And why am I constantly wondering about how long we should wait to move in, why hasn’t he asked me yet, who should bring it up first? All valid questions… I think.

Then there’s this whole “L” word. It did not seem like this big of a deal in college in a weird way. But I’m not going to get too into those juicy details just yet, sorry folks. SOME stuff should stay in the relationship.

Adult relationships are weird. I love my relationship, but it’s not the same as college, it’s better. I have someone I can come home to at night and cry to, someone I can talk about my period and bodily functions with and not scare away, and most importantly someone that makes me feel at home in whole new state. These adult relationships are weird but I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to experience it with.

Well this was basically just a rant about how weird relationships have become. Maybe others out there feel the same. Maybe I was just a dick in college and somehow have feelings now, who knows. Well to all experiencing their adult relationships, good luck, and let me know about those weird parts because still curious.

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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