Living Different Lives

My sister and I have two very different views on life and budgeting methods. She is 25 and buying a house. And I just bought two tickets to a concert 1000 miles away. This decision won’t make it any easier for me to buy a house at 25 but when I’m 30 buying my house I’ll be able to decorate it with photos of all of these ‘irresponsible’ decisions (mainly concert tickets). 

I’m not here trying to hate on my sisters decisions either. I’m insanely proud of her for being able to buy a house during these times when most people consider it a ‘far-fetched’ dream. Go you, Becks. But also don’t tell me I don’t know how to budget or that I’m wasting money.

I see it as living my life. Enjoying my twenties. Building my relationship with my significant other. I want to do these crazy things before I have a family to take care. We’re young. All that matters right now is having fun and not absolutely dreading being young and broke. I’m still young and immature and there are no repercussions to me doing what I want. 

Everybody can choose how they want to live their lives. No one is wrong. Unless you’re hurting someone then you are 100% wrong. Let’s not hurt anyone, okay people? But also don’t shame others for how they spend their money, use their vacation days, and pace they move with their partner.

This once again turned into a slight rant but that’s okay because many people are probably feeling the same way. Whether it be from over-achieving siblings or high-expecting parents many people can relate to being budget shamed. In reality no one has life figured out and if you find something that works for you, roll with it.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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