Can We Talk?

But I swear, I’m not breaking up with you! And to be completely honest, I’ve never even initiated a break up with that line BUT this dude sophomore year of college totally broke up with me that way. IT’s cool, it’s cool, I’m over it. (insert eye roll).

My chosen recovery drink

I bet y’all didn’t think I’d be back after that last post but HA here I am, ready to chat! Got my wine in hand, bunnies at my feet, alt punk/rock playing, and a nice comfy sports bra on. The perfect talking (writing?) combo!

Yes, yes, I know I disappeared again when I said I’d be back but give me a break I’m 23! But not actually, I swear I’m not using my immature age as an excuse! But I’ve grown a lot these past few months (oh gosh, I sound like a manipulative boyfriend so I’ll stop). 

So let’s get down to it, let me skip the small chat and tell you all what I’ve been up to. 

I said I love you…big move for me. Speaking of moves, I’ve basically moved into my boyfriends place but not really because like, what’s rent? Hey, hey I know I’m adulting but I’m figuring out this adult life so we don’t need rent YET. But I’m basically moved in, I have half his closet and half his dresser and my very own nightstand and a portrait of my late bunny, Chip, as a duke hanging in his bedroom (this is real and he actually bought it for me for Christmas since my bunny passed a few weeks earlier). Along with Christmas, my boyfriend and I took a massive road trip around the entire east (almost) of the U.S. to see both of our hometowns for our holiday break! Two weeks on the road together and we’re still together so I think it’s safe to say we maybe, kinda, like each other.

I went to Pittsburgh and didn’t **totally** hate it

Let’s see, let’s see (what’s with me and the doubles?) what else? Oh, I got a new job! That’s exciting I guess. And it came with a 20% pay increase that I totally just lost due to this bitch of a C-Word that caused me a 20% pay cut.


Okay, back with some more wine in hand. Boxed Moscato but wine none the less! And hey, home girl just got a 20% pay cut, boxed wine has officially been classified as a Rachie necessity.

Okay where’d we stop, right, in BIGGER news, my boyfriend and I adopted two more pets. So I’ve had the precious Nilly since college (most beautiful bunny ever, totally not biased) but then we adopted Tori, the CRAZY dog. And when I say crazy I don’t mean just a little wild but like run zig zags for 3 miles while pulling you through the air. Not crazy enough? She can jump all the way up on the bar (REAL bar height) at my house and do zoomies on a BAR. I danced on my fair share of bars in the day, being able to do zoomies on one is the real deal. Then shortly after, we adopted another bunny for Nilly. His name is Binny and they are secretly in love but really love my boyfriend more than each other and are definitely each other’s side hoes for when Tyler is at work and not feeding them bananas and giving them head scritches. 

I cut my hair and dyed it pink. And then MORE pink. Yup, my long golden locks are gone but not for good. My sister is not allowing me to have pink hair in her wedding (I know, she just doesn’t want me to upstage her at her own wedding) so she made my mom add dying my hair back to blonde into the budget because that shit expensive. So until then, I’m going to have fun dying my hair wild colors that make my wall street family cringe and hide me in the Tampa Bay. 

Pink hair, don’t care

I think that is all besides me obviously going and getting more tattoos for my family to be upset about (I did mention my Wall Street fam right?). 

Well, my lovely boyfriend is making me a heaping pile of pasta and vegan sausage so it’s time to pay some attention to him! (I swear I pay so much attention to him, I’m not a beat ass girlfriend, I cook eggs and listen to him, and support him! Not about the relationships that have one make fun of the other, we ain’t into that shizzz.

Okay, well thanks for catching up, drop me a line, tell me what you’ve been up to! Like I said, I’m not into one sided relationships, you count too! So let’s talk and not break up!

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