Partner Quarantine Life

Hi All!

I’m back, again, and yes! I do in fact have some wine!

Okay, so side story already but it’s really funny, I swear! Well my dad did NOT find it funny and rolled his eyes at me. But I poured myself a glass of Pink Moscato (23, give me a break) and I even poured it into one of the no-break silicone wine glasses my mom bought me (you see the trend, right). So I put it on the side table and sit down and go to put my pen on the table and KNOCK OVER THE FULL GLASS OF WINE! All over everything on the table and end up using a decent amount of the very sought after and valuable paper towels. So I think we’re going to check that off as my quarantine fail of the day!

Now that we got that out of the way, what I really came to talk about, quarantining with a significant other! Woohoo, who else is with me? Whether you’re getting off to a quick start by quarantining together early on, in that middle stage where no one knows if you’re living together or not (ME), or already took the plunge and are living together, quarantine changes things. Doesn’t necessarily mean changing for the worst but things CHANGE, especially when they are the only person you have physically interacted with without a pane of glass between you two, in the past month.

If you’re anything like me (oh gosh, for your sake I hope you are not) but you may be at the point of thinking, how do we keep this interesting? We’ve done all there is to do in a 1000 square-foot apartment, how do we keep from fighting or even worse, silence?

Now this really happened the other night, I was laying on the sofa being all whiney saying I didn’t know what to do because we’ve done everything. So Tyler and I started listing off everything we’ve done. In the past four-ish weeks we have watch just about everything on Netflix, Disney +, played board games, played card games (even War, who the hell likes that game), gone for walks, read, had sex, played every video game ever, watched YouTube, cooked everything, cleaned we even cleaned and we (I) do not clean! So what now? Okay, may have exaggerated on a few those, but seriously, what do we do now?

I have been thinking about this a lot these past two days on how do we keep life interesting. And honestly, I would love to hear from you guys on how you and your significant other are staying sane!

But here is what I have come up with, just now, so don’t hate if you hate the idea, or do, it’s cool, there is probably an entire Rachie hating club you could join (insert shrug emoji). 

Change it up, I know you’re thinking, “Girl, we already tried that!” But hear me out. Think of the weirdest way to say I love you, to eat, to have sex, find a crazy show, make a weird drink, put on a ridiculous outfit, even better, pick out your partners ridiculous outfit.

This seems simple, but think about it, when was the last time, this quarantine or not, that you purposely made yourself look ridiculous? And no, I’m not saying to force it but get creative! We’ve been thinking about it all wrong, we shouldn’t be thinking ‘how are we going to survive through this?’ But ‘What can we get into today?’ We just have to change the way we’re asking the question. What ridiculous adventure can we go on today? That’s the really question because being in a relationship is just a life long adventure. Yesterday Tyler saw me do something that I am 100% certain he has never seen any girl do so you know what, it was a girl adventure for him!

But look at this quarantine time as a new adventure. Sure, you may not be able to go out on an adventure in the park, or an adventure where you discover a new dive bar, or learn that the other is terrible at football but you can learn something new about your partner that you may have not had the opportunity to learn before. We are in a whole new situation, one that no one has been in before which means new information will come up. Maybe the thing you learn is the reason you fall undeniably in love and get married the second this quarantine ends! Okay, yeah that one got too cheesy. But on the real (I’m hip) change your perspective, learn something new about your significant other, make yourself look ridiculous, and have some 1720s (but with Snapchat and Netflix) style fun!

Good luck all and hope we all get out of this and get drunk with 300 of our closest friends soon!

PS: I don’t have 300 friends, I’m not even sure I have 3 friends to be honest, but EVERYONE is my friend when I’m getting fed those weird pink shots at MacDittions!

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