Soooo… You May Have Noticed Something Different

Or you are one of those boyfriends that NEVER notices when you spend $300 on new highlights.

But if you are observant (and a good partner) you should have noticed that I spiced it up on the front page.

In this time of quarantine (by the pool, but quarantine) I’ve taken the time to really think about myself. And not in that cheesy ‘I’ve been soul searching’ way but in the way that I have had a lot of conversations with my bunnies. Yes, you read that right; since I was about five years old I have known that my pets kinda (super) know me better than anyone else and talking to them is the best way I learn about myself. Okay that sounded super cheesy and far fetched but I was bullied as a kid and all through my schooling so like was the pet talking an affect or effect, the world may never know!

Anyway, I’ve realized that writing just about adulting is what I’m truly passionate about. I have a lot of passions so why limit myself? With changing times come changing blog themes!

So I’m letting my creativity roam now with this blog. I’m not going to limit myself, I’m just going to let myself write and see what happens. Sometimes when we let ourselves roam aimlessly we end up right where we are supposed to be.

I have other blog ideas I would love to pursue and I know I will but for right now I’m just going to be me, just a blog about Rachie. In the future, I will connect my other future blogs but now you can just learn all about me.

I used to use my journals in high school to write about whatever I wanted; to practice a type of writing I wasn’t as familiar with. Then I went to college and was assigned writing and eventually I did so well that I was writing multiple articles per week but I stopped spending time just writing to write. All of my writings were for the school paper, for my job, or to pass a class. This made it hard to find new passions. My one true writing passion in college got shut down by the board and the President (of the university, sadly not country) so fast that it hurt me. I felt the death of my column strip my internal love of writing because when I thought I found my fit it was ripped away from me before I could truly see it blossom. But I’ve digressed.

I want to get back to writing for fun with no limitations so that’s just what I’m going to do! I hope you all enjoy learning about the true Rachie!

PS: I’m just spamming this post with a myriad of my pets photos since this is usually the type of stuff I tell them and not some strangers on the internet (oof, I could hear that middle school stranger danger internet video dude in my mind when I typed that).

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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