Rachie’s Quarantine Must Have’s

We’re going on seven weeks of this apocalyptic life style called social distancing or quarantine or whatever term you have penned during these times of the c-word. There are a few things (besides my boyfriend) that have gotten me this far, and yes I have had a few days of anxiety and a few days of complaining of how bored I am, but for six weeks of being inside while I live in “paradise,” I think I have a few things to share to my fellow quarantinees. I know you’re thinking, girl, everyone has their own tips and tricks, but hear me out, I’m cute and weird so I’m using it.

So I have poured myself an obscenely large glass of boxed wine and sat my ass down to share with you all, my personal tips and tricks to surviving quarantine.


OMG why did we stop bathing after five-years-old!? Bath’s are my new favorite thing. You can read in the bath, drink, write, watch Netflix, get down and dirty (while getting clean), sleep, eat, literally do ANYTHING. It’s amazing. I’ve even taken a few bath lunch breaks where I just sit and read during my lunch hour. Plus they’re extremely soothing!

My boyfriend has helped me take them to the next level with this baller bath table. I’ve seen a lot of people buy similar items but I have a handy boyfriend. And didn’t mom always say, anything handmade is better. Well Tyler made the perfect Rachie gift. Not only do I have the coolest bath table ever but I’ve been stepping up my nightly bath game BIG TIME. I’m talking, a book, wine, water (athlete probs), lavender epsom salt, and a Lush bath bomb. Talk about luxury well this is it, people, this is it.

Now I know this isn’t plausible for everyone since showers are apparently the new thing. The house I live has six bathrooms and not a single one of them has a bath, just ginormous showers, like two shower heads showers. How weird! So my boyfriends place having two bathtubs may play into me loving his place so much (and the cuddles). But if you have a bath, don’t cheap out on yourself, go take the most amazing Chandler-esque bath ever!


I know you are all thinking ‘how basic can this bitch be?’ Well, very basic to answer your question (I still ADORE my tall chocolate Uggs) but I don’t just mean pose with your book in a nice comfy chair in front of a spectacular plant that no one knows how you kept alive in a 900 square foot apartment BUT learning from books. Remember when you were in elementary school and your librarian said if you don’t know the meaning of five words on the first page of a book then you’re not ready for it. Well I’m making that rule my bitch!

Instead of putting a book back for not have a vast enough vocabulary I’m using those books to learn. I love to read and I usually just use context clues and infer the meaning of the word I casually skimmed over to keep reading. But now I’ve realized that big SAT words actually matter in the real word so I’m learning. I’m using a section of my ‘getting my life together’ notebook to write down the words I’ve never taken the time to learn while I’m reading. Especially for someone as loquacious (SEE) as I am, I guess it is good to learn these words. And Gabriel García Márquez is the perfect man to teach me!


Everyone may not feel this but I find it important to put this. I understand that even though I got a paycut I am extremely lucky right now to have a job and a place to stay and parents to fall back on for help. I completely understand that this is not the case for millions around the world right now so if you want to tell me to shove it, go right ahead.

But I have been taking more time to just sit and stare at the world and my surroundings which is weird for someone that lives in a beach town but cannot go to the beach right now. What I can do is take a minute to sit on my front stairs after my run and enjoy the spring breeze and listen to my neighbor play the violin. I can sit outside at night and look for the stingrays or sit on the porch and just enjoy my partners presence. Time has slowed down, there is no more sitting in traffic for an hour each day, flipping everyone off who gets between work Rachie and at home Rachie. Now I am never away from home. Even after work I’m usually speeding from Tampa to St. Petersburg to make it in time to aerial but now I just close my laptop and go for a walk with my dog and boyfriend. Although many are struggling right now, we should take a moment to realize this is the slowest our lives will ever be because the second America “opens” again, all our lives will be going 1000 miles per hour. If we thought work was bad before, it’ll probably be worse. So enjoy our once in a lifetime epidemic (I kid) and appreciate the life around you.



But actually, some of my all time favorite bands dropped music during quarantine and I’m listening on repeat.

First off, the day A Day to Remember finally drops their new album is the day Rachie will be born again. This band is my absolute favorite ever, like flying 1000 miles and taking off work to see them, and they dropped another single. It’s called Mindreader and I HIGHLY suggest it to EVERYONE. I’m not even sure those all caps truly show my love for this band.

Not only did A Day to Remember drop new music but Twenty One Pilots dropped a new song and video, their first since 2018 and you bet your ass I would capitalize those numbers if I could! This band has been a favorite since they were performing standing room only shows (ayyyoo saw them at Irving Plaza 2013) AND I met my TYE TYE at their concert! So like, thank you Twenty One Pilots for being baller and helping my find the greatest boyfriend ever.

Then fucking MAYDAY PARADE BRO!?! Another must see every time they’re in state band. Dropping a new single! Can we please get another album for me to play on repeat until I know every single word!?

And man, All Time Low???? Okay, my teen emo is showing but really this new music makes working from home a bit better because instead of having headphones one that I constantly need to take out becuase I’m getting tapped on the shoulder, I can blast it through the apartment on nice speakers. So yes, the new music does help.


You all had to see this one coming. Kinda put it because they’re so dang cute, kinda put it because for real for real that Nilly has kept me going for two and a half years even when I didn’t think I’d amount to anything.

I know not everyone has a pet but during this time, having a little creature to talk to is actually very helpful. People try to fix your problems but pets are just there to look cute and cuddle you when you’re down and any other time of the day.

Shameless insert, if you don’t have a pet, many shelters are currently over loaded with animals that have been dropped due to the pandemic and they’re short handed and probably short funded (always) due to the what’s happening in the world right now due to the c-word SO if you can afford it and have the space it would be really great to help out and foster an animal. No commitment, just helping out these poor babies.

Well there you have it folks, that is how Rachie is surviving quarantine. Well and other things like eating, sex, boxed wine, takeout, Netflix, running, but I didn’t want to be TOO basic.

How are you all staying sane?

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