Let’s Zoom

Is anyone else in as deep of a love-hate relationship with Zoom (and any other video applications) as I am?

Don’t get me wrong, I love this service. It’s awesome that we can connect with people around the world easier than ever before, especially in a time like this when travel is not really a possibility. But does anyone else feel obligated to Zoom? It’s become the new American past time now that we can’t get our baseball fix. Now that we are forced to be away from people everyone is all of a sudden wanting to be nearer.

And yes, I get why we’re like this. I’ve been the same way, I’m usually a homebody anyway but I like having the option to go downtown and go crazy with some random people I met during beer pong. But Zoom is not effortless. And I’m here usually trying to schedule something else (like eating) for right afterwards so I have an easy out.

But do you know how hard it is to just talk, nothing else, just talk for hours to someone? Here’s the part where everyone over 27 goes ‘you younging, that used to be LIFE.’ Well guess what, I’m young and proud and when I want to tell someone something I’ll call them (maybe) but besides that it’s just a text saying ‘see ya for drinks!’

Yesterday I was on a three way FaceTime (that’s a thing) with my two best friends from college. We used to spend entire weekends together, just drinking, gossiping, flirting, and eating. But even my girl, P, was like this is hard to just talk. We’ve never been about just talking. We’ll go to the winery and do something stupid and laugh until we cry, but we don’t just chit chat.

It was nice catching up with them but we kept it short and sweet so we don’t end up resenting each other for having to deal with awkward small talk. And that’s what it should be. People should be so terrified to set a time limit on their interactions. And hey, if you’re someone that can spend hours on end talking about nothing (like we can’t leave the house, what gossip could you have) then by all means, find your other half to talk to all night long.

WOW this blog was nothing like what I expected to come out of me but guess I have some serious hatred for Zoom, and for social interaction. I’ll probably post another blog about what I really wanted to say, so I guess, stay tuned?

PS: I didn’t know what to use as the image so enjoy my dog, Tori!

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