Will ‘Work from Home’ Become the New ‘Work’

Now that things are starting to look up and some states are slowly starting to reopen and loosen their restrictions, I’m sure we’re all thinking, ‘when will we be going back to work?’ I know I’ve been thinking about it nonstop because let’s be real, it’s going to be real hard to wake up at 7AM, shower, and put on pants every weekday again.

But really, what does a post lockdown but pre-vaccine work world look like? And even after that, what does a post everything world look like!? Now, I’m only up to date on Florida laws and really only Pinellas County so what I’m going through may be different for others so don’t hate me if I’m wrong in your eyes!

With restaurants and businesses slowly opening up with outdoor seating only and 25% capacity in stores WHILE wearing masks and gloves. How does 25% capacity in the book store translate to keep 150 people together in one office for nine hours everyday. Cramming 20 people into a conference and everyone sharing six toilets. There’s not enough sanitizer in the county to even keep one office bathroom clean!

So while WFH will still be trending in the coming months, have we proved yet that WFH can just become work? In reality, has anyone’s productivity gone down? How many have gone up?

The fact that all of these companies that are usually working from an office where each person has three computer screens but zero windows are still alive and some thriving (yes, some companies are making bank off of this pandemic) all while everyone is working from home with NO preparation or warning? I came home one Friday with just my work laptop and a little notebook, same thing I have brought home every weekend, Sunday afternoon I got a call telling me we’re switching to work from home. That means everyone went home with their usual items, nothing crazy or special. But here we are and here I am, still putting together marketing plans and building emails. If anything, I’ve actually done more most days while home than I have at work all while getting cuddled by a farty dog!

So haven’t we proved at this point that not all work needs to be done in the office? Businesses started being more progressive and reaching out to millennials and gen-zers by being remote friendly. Maybe this is what we need to push all work to remote friendly or at least more remote friendly.

Most work nowadays is on the computer. We sit on the computer all day until we have a meeting where we just bring our laptop and keep working through it. Then once the meeting is done you walk back to your desk and sit on the computer. Yes, I understand the importance of social interaction and bouncing ideas off of others. But in a post COVID-19 world we can go and sit with friends and like-minded individuals at cafes and work spots and bounce ideas off of others with fresh eyes. Or we can hole up all day in our jammies in front of our computer and once it hits 5 o’clock we can get up and leave to go on a meaningful date instead of sitting in traffic for an hour trying to cross the bay and then being too tired to do anything except Netflix and Chill. Now that we are home, we don’t waste the day planning on getting home and hoping there is no traffic, we are already there. It takes the post work jitters away.

Now we have the time to work on ourselves while also working. We can take a breather and go for a run or play with the dog then come back with a clear mind ready to focus. This is so hard to do while at work because you never want to look like you are slacking off but this is vital to coming up with new ideas. As someone that needs to be creative all day, it’s fucking hard to sit and stare at something and just will it to be witty. But now that I’m home and do not feel as pressured, I feel wittier than ever! Any time I’m caught up on anything I find something quick to get my mind off of it and then I feel much better getting back to it.

I think you can all see now that I love WFH and although I cannot wait for this to pass so I can ride the bull at One Night Stand, I would love to keep working from home. And I’ll say, companies that do over work from home packages will definitely see an influx in applications once everyone is required to shower again.

Hopefully as a country and as a whole global community we can persevere through this pandemic and come out stronger. Also, hopefully, we can rethink the work model and shape it to something that fits better with where we are going, not where we have been.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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