About Me – The Hardest Question of All

Why do the simplest questions always seem like the hardest. On dates, interviews, any icebreaker EVER. Seriously, can we all agree to ban the question, ‘tell me about yourself.’

It’s the inevitable question that you can always count on hearing while meeting someone for the first time. So why is it so hard to answer when we’ve been asked it more often than any other question. Also, it’s just about us, don’t we know ourselves better than we know anything else? Apparently not. Every time I even see the words ‘about me’ I cringe and forget everything I do in life! What do I do for fun, where do I go on the weekends, what do I find interesting, I DON’T KNOW!

I never want to sound boring when asked this question but I don’t want to sound too conceited either. Come up with a rehearsed ‘about me?’ Forget about it! Then I just sound like I’m practicing my intro to business elevator speech! Isn’t it funny how the should be easiest questions are always the hardest?

So how does one perfect the ‘about me?’

I’ve thought about it for a long time. Ever since I learned in college that every single recruits parent will ask this (no, I totally don’t drink in the shower once we’re off for the weekend, craziness) only for the recruit to ask it again at practice. So I’ve gotten a little practice on it. I will say, it went much better while drunk and college Rachie was ALWAYS drunk – not like alcoholic drunk, just like drunk enough to brag about my college experience drunk.

Although graduated and sober Rachie is a lot less funny, I’ve still gotten plenty of practice since moving to a state where I know no one and had to make all new friends.

I usually try to keep it simple. Basically as simple as can be. I mention my obsession with my pets, that I do aerial, sometimes I throw in that I went to school in Virginia (I’ve been told I brag about NY too much, so I now avoid it at all costs) and if I’m feeling spicy, throw in something that relates to what I did that past weekend. Now this is the tricky part and only works if they’re a better conversationalist than I am (I hope they are), this is when I wait and see which tidbit they grasp onto. They gotta find at least one thing about me interesting. I usually hope it’s the pets so I can just sit and show them the thousands of photos Tyler and I have of them in our Fur Babies folder. If not, that’s cool too. But whichever little fact they latch onto, that’s the one you better be prepared to share something funny or interesting about.

This is my little ‘about me’ non-pro pro-tip. This way the first line is super simple but leads them to make a comment. And although the first line may be a bit rehearsed the second line never is. This keeps the conversation in the realm of subjects I’m comfortable talking about at the time, while also not sounding like a robot and being able to relate to them on the second line. The second part shows my personality and shows I’m able to hold a conversation.

Now the written ‘about me’ bio, yeah, that’s a different story. I always want to start it with hi. I think I just really like saying hi. Do I say it in first person or third person? Who knows, man.

Anyway, I’m still obviously, working on how to write my about me. But until then, I hope you all are able to answer your next ‘about me’ question. Maybe you all have a different way of getting through this question, feel free to let me know how you do!

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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