‘The Time of Contempt’ Book Two in The Witcher Series

Book: The Time of Contempt

Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

Rating: 4 out of 5

Buy or Bye: Def buy


Told you I would be right back with my thoughts on the second book in The Witcher series, ‘The Time of Contempt.’

Now that I understand the story a little more I enjoyed the book a little more. I would definitely love to go back and reread the first, and probably all of the books, once I finish the series so I understand it from the beginning. But for right now, I’m still learning and thank you to my boyfriend for always letting me ask what certain species are and what they do.

This story focuses a lot more on the Ciri story. Which I loved. She’s a likable character that I want to see persevere. I understand how a story works and that she won’t be killed just like that, halfway through the second book. But that shit cray! Her story captivates me and leaves me wanting to know more.

This book was great, getting to see what Ciri goes through and how she escapes all of the people out trying to get her. We see less of Geralt during this book but his story still brings helpful insight into what is truly happening throughout the kingdoms.

My boyfriend told me while watching the Netflix The Witcher series how fantasy stories going in every different direction. They can’t be one dimensional because then you don’t get the full story. There is so much adventure and murder and pure chaos that takes but it all connects to the greater story. You’re not learning about one characters story or one moment, rather, you’re learning about an entire world and how it got to that point. One main character is not enough to contain the full story.

Since Ciri is still young and in training, she does not get to hear about everything going on in the world, the impeding war, and the bounty on her head. This is why Geralt and Dandelion and Yennefer are crucial to this story. They are needed to see the true value of Ciri to all of the other kingdoms. To see how each country is siding, who wants to protect the girl, how they enchantresses feel, and who you can trust.

This story is less about the Witcher and more about the Lion Cub of Cintra.

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