Welcome Creativity

Let your creativity flow through everything you do. Don’t put any limits on it.

Business school never taught me to be creative. Then I got a job in media buying that was probably the most uncreative communications job out there. And then I landed my dream job, a job in sports marketing.

Unfortunately, when I earned this job I put a hold on all of my creative juices. I thought being in corporate America meant I had to do as I was told, follow the way it’s been done, don’t fix what ain’t broke type of deal. But now I’m faced with marketing a brand during a global pandemic. This pandemic won’t just affect these few months, but for what I am doing, it will affect my project for the next couple of years.

That’s when I realized, I’m boxing myself in. I don’t need to keep the same marketing plans that have been used in the past. The times are changing and I’m a change from the previous person in my role, I need to let my creative juices flow and see what I come up with.

Ever since I’ve been letting myself become more creative in my role, I’ve had more making my plans and it has ultimately made my job easier. It’s hard work to do something your heart isn’t in; it’s even harder to put you heart into something when you’ve caged your process.

Now I am prouder of my work than ever. I’m excited to pitch my ideas. I’m still deathly afraid of getting laughed out the door but at least now I’ll know I tried. I put a little Rachie into it.

This made me realize that everyone can put their creative touch into anything. Whether it be an accounting career (just don’t get creative with how you file taxes) or how you get ready in the morning, you should never cease to be creative.

There is a reason everyone is different, and a reason everyone has a different job, and a different partner, and different hobbies. IT’s because everyone views life differently and ultimately gets something different out of life. That doesn’t mean someone else’s view or perspective is better but it’s different. And that’s what makes us, us. Life would be boring if we all did the same thing and never challenged the the ‘how we do it.’

Bring a little bit of you into your work. Creativity is your friend. Don’t ever tell your creative side no. See where it takes you because it may end up being the best ride of your life.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Creativity

  1. Yes! Jobs have definitely taken on a new role during this time. My job was never meant to be at home, but somehow I’ve managed it for the last few months. And during that time, I had to really get creative. It’s pushed me out of my box. Some people didn’t agree with several ideas, but it’s all trial and error right now. We’re all going through the same motions.


    1. Exactly! All of my ideas definitely won’t be approved but at least they’re my ideas now and not someone else’s. Hope you’re doing well during this time and get some kick ass ideas to use!

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