A Nice Bite

Welcome all to my *newly* thought of and executed weekly creative release, Wine Time with Rachie.

I thought, ‘hey, I love wine, I’m sorta fun, and I love to write. Why not combine them all and see what happens?’

So I’m not really sure what will come of this little segment I have procured here but I’m excited to find out!

Now that I have poured a nice, hefty glass of a Graham Beck South African Gorgeous Rosé from the lovely Book + Bottle for my boyfriend and I, I am ready to release. And damn it took me a long time to find a link to use for that! Who knew!

So this may be starting off a little jumbled, but bear with me because my mind is always jumbled. I’m looking at this the way my communications professor in college would have us puke on a page. We wouldn’t literally puke but she would set a time and we would have to write that whole time, no stopping. Even if we didn’t know what to write we would write ‘I don’t know what to write’ until inspiration struck!

I hated this in the beginning but I grew to love the method and I am now missing the method. It was such a great way to truly capture everything we were thinking. Even the tiniest idea can become something great. And this is how I’m treating this little column, segment, whatever you may have it. Just letting my mind wander.

And my mind is wandering to wine. Always wine.

Now with Book + Bottle **finally** opening, I’m excited to learn more about the art of wine. And yes, it is an art.

I always feel slightly ashamed when I talk about wine and how I spent my time in Virginia chilling at all of the local wineries. It’s a bit ridiculous how much wine I drink and how little I know about it. I call myself a wino but am I if I don’t know all that much about it? This isn’t to say that people can’t be something out of just their love but I would love to know more about wine.

This reminds me of how my professor used to tell us to use our devices to our advantage. It’s easier to learn about something new, now more than ever. All we have to do is ask Siri. But why stop there? Why not immerse myself into learning about the art of wine and really whatever else I want to learn about?

I can hang out at Book + Bottle and ask questions. I shouldn’t be ashamed of asking questions, and anyone that truly cares about their art will be happy to answer and teach.

Right before this shut down my boyfriend and I found another local wine spot, Dracula’s Legacy Wine Bar and this place really nails those sexy vampire vibes. Once we can go back to *safely* going out, we are totally going back there. Also, Instagram totally gave me the hook up and knows me because I have followed numerous wine bars in St. Petersburg while locked away in my boyfriends apartment!

But why limit myself to one art form or one interest? We have the technology to learn about ANYTHING for FREE! I’m going to start taking advantage of our good ole friend, Google.

Don’t limit yourself to what you know, because there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. Sorry, you knew I had to have one cheesy line.

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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