Make it Fun

I have two options right now:

1: Feel sorry for myself and cut my loses now.

2: Learn from the pain Рmy clich̩ of the day.

I think I’m going with option two.

I bet you’re wondering what I’m talking about, so here it is.

After two and a half years I finally remembered the name of an old WordPress blog I had in college. It was kind of a gag blog, just something for my friends to look and laugh at. I never set out to make it anything and never paid attention the views and likes. I just posted on it to laugh with my friends.

Well, after two and a half years of cycling through of forgetting about it completely and remembering it but forgetting my login and blog name, I have finally remembered it and was able to login.

And WOW, who knew it was so popular.

Now that I understand WordPress and blogging insights a little more, I now see how GREAT of a start that blog was off to.

Not only was it a great blog when I was posting, but even the year after I stopped posting, it still garnered a pretty solid amount of views, just from people going back to it and apparently wanting to read more.

So I guess I have to tell you what this blog was about…

It was totally just a public sex list.

College Rachie was promiscuous and slightly manipulative of any guys heart. At one point my friends made a giant, wall sized Rachie dating/sex chart. A lot of hours and drinks went into the masterpiece that was soon erased so no RA’s would find it.

Without giving too much detail about the young and beautiful, Rachie, I will say the blog was fun. It was never meant to be anything but a joke. My friend snapped me one night and was just joking about how he couldn’t keep up with the guys I was dating and said it would be funny to read about.

It was late at night and everyone knows that any idea past midnight hastily comes into fruition.

So I sent up a sex blog. I kept it on the DL for a while but one drunken night at a lacrosse house party and the gossip of me having a sex blog spread like wildfire. Too bad most couldn’t get the URL, that was saved for just my girls.

Anyway, it was hilarious coming back from dates and hookups and writing about it ( never giving away any personal names or identity clues) and quickly writing blog posts while taking a cab to a booty call. I was just having fun.

And now here I am, looking at my insights compared to a gag sex blog insights and to be honest, it was a little discouraging to see.

But then I realized, I never treated it as something more than a shared diary.

I care about this blog, Life with Rachie, but I want it to be fun. There were a lot of drunken typos in the sex blog, but people came back for the laughs and could tell I was having fun. I don’t want this blog to turn into a drunken free for all like that one, but I want to keep it fun. That is one of the reasons I changed it to a lifestyle blog, so I could blog about what I wanted.

But I think this goes to show, if you’re having fun and being yourself, the people will come. So here is to having fun and hopefully you all are having fun following me on my life’s adventure.

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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