I Can Be Healthy, Too

So, we’re doing things a little differently for this Wine Time with Rachie on this fine Wine Wednesday. I’m am drinking a big ole glass of water – in a red solo cup thing because, yeah. So Water Time with Rachie or Water Wednesday?

I was going to write about something pertaining to work and acquaintances but my failed run made me think otherwise.

I decided I would be healthy today and go for a run after work. Sounds good and all but I didn’t drink much water today and we have entered into the hellish part of the year down here in Florida. The blistering sun always beating down on you while you smell the fumes of the tar. Good times in the Florida summer, am I right!?

Well, I get 2.32 miles – I’m hip, I use a tracking service – into my run and my body says no more. My eyes are fogged over and I can’t tell if it’s from my sweat filling up my contacts or if I’m just losing sight and about to pass out right on the trash filled side walk of 4th St N – and anyone from Pinellas knows that that is NOT where you want your face to touch the ground.

I ended up walking the last quarter mile to the apartment and collapsing down to the cold vinyl flooring.

Pre run and feeling good

I laid there for quite some time, just letting the cool air hit me, until it my sweat dried and I became too cold and started to shiver.

So due to me almost passing out – I’ve passed out plenty of times – I decided to drink some water today. Once I calmed down and washed off, my boyfriend and I sat down to some nice Indian and a big glass of water.

I wanted to use this as a reminder that although there is a pandemic and we’re all doing our best to not catch it, we need to take the time to take care of our other needs, too.

I’ve noticed that when I work from home, I don’t drink nearly as much water as I do while in the office. Drinking from cups is not the same to me as filling up a giant water bottle. I never want to get up and refill my water but when I drink from my reusable bottles at work I see it as a welcomed break, to get up from my desk and stretch my legs. But at home I never want to peel myself away from a precious sleeping dog on my legs.

Along with my lack of water drinking, I munch of taffy, sleep in, and convince my boyfriend to buy me danishes.

It’s hard to stay motivated to stay healthy while you’re locked in an apartment for 11 weeks with minimal human contact.

For the first three weeks of this thing I didn’t workout at all. I forgot how sluggish I get when I don’t treat myself right.

I’ve made it back to the point of just running a few times a week and occasionally in the mornings if Tori (the dog) gives me those big ole puppy eyes.

We need to remember that although life is different right now, and we’re just starting to see gyms open back up, we need to remember to stay healthy, whatever that looks like to each person.

Not everyone needs to work out, everyone’s healthy is different, but use my story however you wish. Maybe you, too, need some motivation to do something, anything, and I’ve learned taking care of yourself actually makes the day much better and motivation higher all around.

So drink your water kids and thanks for listening to me ramble!

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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