I’m an Adult?

This week it really hit me, I’m an adult. Like a frickin adult!? Who let this happen!?

Why this week, you ask? Work challenged me. Challenged me more than any other week of work or school. I’m proud of what I was able to get done for work and sorta proud of how I handled it; well proud of how I handled it professionally but I was a basket case about it to my boyfriend.

Not only did work challenge me at work, but it pains me to say I now know why my dad just wants to sit in his recliner with a cat in his lap when he gets home from work. It also pains me to say that I totally slacked on cleaning the bunny area this week – so sorry, Tyler’s allergies.

But this is adulthood, I guess? Just ordering takeout, being stressy-essy, and letting the children take over.

I’ve come to my boyfriend multiple times this week complaining about being an adult and blaming him for not warning me about adulting. The whole having to pay my credit card thing really shook me a few months ago – speaking of which, totally have to do that later!

How do people just become adults and act like this is totally normal. This is so WEIRD! How do you expect me to spend four years partying, drinking, flirting, taking tests while drunk, and just being reckless in general ALL ON MY DADS DIME and then it’s like ‘oh hey go work for eight hours a day and use ALL of your money to survive off shitty store brand bread.’ This is literally the epitome of adulthood.

Okay, I get not everyone was as fortunate as me and had their parents pay, I know I’m privileged. But you get the gist, adulthood is wayyyy different than college. It’s a wild transition.

But adulthood is weird and it’s a Friday night -during quarantine – and my boyfriend just made me *vegan* pizza and some pierogis and I bought two bottles of wine. So is adulthood really just getting through the week to pigout in our underwear? If so, I MAY be able to do this.

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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