The No Niche, Niche

I’ve been caring a lot more about what I’m putting on here. Some of my blog posts are still rambles and I’m not proud of them but I’m a rambling person.

I’ve joined a bunch of subreddits on blogging and everything is about your niche. ‘Make sure you narrow down your niche.’

That’s cool and all, but what if we’re using this to find our niche or to just put our lives out there.

I’ve struggled to find my niche because then I feel so confined and I’ve never liked that feeling. This blog used to be all about just adulting problems but I barely posted because it wasn’t fun for me to just talk about adulting. So I opened it up to explore books and places and me in general.

What if my niche is just being Rachie?

I understand that most great blogs have a niche, a dedicated community to that niche. But I hope my life and what I do can be something too.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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