My Family Makes Me Drink

I swear I’m not an alcoholic but I guess that’s what an alcoholic would say.

I joke. I swear. I only drink after I’m done with work and no I don’t go my whole day thinking about what I’m going to drink… I usually go my day thinking about what drop I’m going to learn at silks that night.

But anyway, Wine Time with Rachie is once again a little different this week. No water though! I’m stealing my sisters champagne.

So my whole family is down here in Florida. My sister just bought a house. Now there are nine of us at one house for dinner. Within coronavirus limitations!

Well, my boyfriend and I started out with one glass of champagne each. Then my whole family got here…

I filled up my second glass REAL HIGH and started to DRINK. It’s all good, Tyler drove me.

But as I’m drinking I’m thinking about how funny it is that it always seems like families make everyone drink.

And this cannot just be me. It’s a common cliche in shows and movies. It’s a real movie cliche.

I mean, I love my family. They’ve given their all to me. But I drink with them.

There’s just something about families that makes you have that inner need for a drink.

I’m veering into alcoholic territory here but hear me out.

Maybe it’s the ever growing need of trying to prove that they didn’t waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on college and high school tuitions? Or the need to be the BEST child. I’m the youngest of four, stakes are high.

But really, what is it about family gatherings that make people drink!?

We spend the first 18-22 years of our life with our family, we should feel so incredibly relaxed around them. But yet, we feel the need to drink.

It’s interesting how we also seem to be most opposite with our family. Which is also a cause to drink.

Well, dinner is almost ready and my mom is up my booty since nine people in a two person house for dinner.

Let me know your family drinking probs.


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