Seriously, no one told me how hard it is to do this thing!

I come here apologizing for my absence this past week. I have wanted to write but between life, work, and drinking my sleep got the best of me. When I’m not sleeping, I’m usually letting my mind rest while curled up on the sofa watching ‘That 70’s Show.’

But no excuses, right?

I’m nearing my 24th birthday (gross) and the closer I get the more intense the urge gets to not let my 20s slip away. I understand I’m still young but something in me keeps whispering that I’m getting old and I’m not a cute little early twenties girl anymore. Yet I am always telling my thirty year old friends they’re still young and fun and adorable; I guess this is just like how it is easier to give advice than to take your own advice.

Now that I’m burdened with the soul crushing thought that I’m getting old, I’m attempting to do anything and everything. No days off.

Then today hit.

My all star nap team

I woke up and thought I was ready to go. I wanted to run but just didn’t feel it so I laid on the sofa instead. Anytime I was asked to do anything I just curled up tighter. Any time I wasn’t spoken to for more than a minute my eyes fell into a deep sleep. So deep at one point that I left a pool of drool right on Tyler’s shoulder.

I was asked if I wanted to head over to Lettuce Lake (which will be our next Alligator chase location) and I said yes and just fell back to sleep.

It’s hard for me to admit this but today has proved that it’s true – sometimes it’s good to slow down and take a day off. (I still think I’m just getting old)

It’s hard as an adult to work all week long and then get to the weekend and not want to cram in seeing friends, going hiking, and hitting the beach. But it’s also hard to survive an entire week after cramming it all in.

Here’s to attempting to moderate myself and to not burn myself out before I even make it to a quarter century old!

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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