I’m in a Relationship with my iPhone

I never believed myself to be one of those people reliant on their cellphone. But lately, that’s been changing.

Just today (and it’s only 9:39AM) my boyfriend and I have had two instances where I wasn’t paying attention because I whipped out my phone. The first was when he showed me the Ring Fit trailer and I apparently got bored in 10 seconds and turned my attention to Instagram.

Then he wanted to read me a TIL from Reddit, but when he finished I just smiled and said ‘what.’ That’s when he became agitated and asked what I was doing because that was the second time today he wanted to show me something but thought my phone was more important. My bad.

I’ve been using my phone as a clutch, I go on it when something doesn’t instantly grab my attention, even if it does but if my attention fades, good ole’ faithful phone it is!

People always talk about people like that and I always laughed and shrugged thinking ‘it’s just a phone.’ But lately I’ve noticed how drawn I am to the powers of Instagram and Twitter.

It’s ironic because in college I did a video report and experiment based off of the book Hamlet’s Blackberry – I know a Blackberry!?! It’s an iPhone or bust.

Well, my experiment consisted of having my lacrosse team sit and have dinner together. The first half without their phones and the second half with their phones.

It started out with awkward stares and glances and shoveling some food into their mouths (we were ravenous after running sprints for three hours) and finally the conversation picked up. Only to come to a dead halt once they were allowed to use their phones again. Then it was just texting their significant others and occasionally showing each other a funny meme.

I used this as a base of what I didn’t want to become. I’ve always made an effort to not use my phone while on dates and especially not to pick up my phone right after a rendezvous between the sheets (unless I needed a quick getaway).

Something has changed in the past year, maybe it’s because I have had a phone for over half my life (got my first LG flip phone when I was 10, I’m now 23), maybe it’s because this is the longest I have been in a steady relationship for and I’ve gotten “comfortable,” or maybe it’s because this is the first time I have had a job and I need something to help diffuse my stress and anxiety that has absolutely skyrocketed. Who knows. So many possiblities.

Or the fact that our smart devices run the world. Gone are the days when you were cool for having. a smart phone, now you need a smart phone, a matching smart watch, some kickass bluetooth earphones, a top of the line computer with a pen to use on it, and want to be super cool? Get a table, too!

Samsung and Apple run our lives and we the people are devoted to buying their every new product (seriously, I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, and an iPad and I still feel behind).

While I am super excited that my boyfriend has agreed to help me buy a new Apple Watch (any suggestions) I need to take a step back because we are at the point of my social obsession coming between us. While he’s nice about it and will usually giggle and say ‘you goof’ to which I will scream ‘goofy goober, YEAH’ I don’t want a cellphone to get between me and any real life conversation. We are already short on those due to being quarantined for most of 2020, I don’t want to short myself anymore than is necessary.

PS: I blame Tyler for making me get a Reddit account and causing my social media obsession to be that much more severe.

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5 thoughts on “I’m in a Relationship with my iPhone

      1. Haha I think that’s the saying and that is exactly how we are! Except people always say talkative people end up with quiet people, but we’re both extremely talkative! We will talk over each other and have extremely long conversations that go in every direction 😂


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