The Shorter the Week the Longer the Week

The end of this week marks 244 years of the United States being, well, the United States of America. While July 4th is an immensely patriotic day, most Americans think of this day as a paid holiday and time to drink. No, I’m not going get up on my high horse and pretend that I only care about this day as the birth of our nation, I’m 23 after all, this day to me means day drinking and cupcakes and watermelon.

As most other in the United States, I get to spend an extra day off this week while getting paid! In the past year that I have been working I have noticed while I get excited for these short weeks they seem to drag on twice as long as a regular week.

These weeks always seem to be the hardest to motivate myself to do much, especially since while these weeks are the shortest I always seem to have the least amount of work. Whether it be because I take the initiative the week before to get extra work done (I get mad anxiety the week before short weeks and end up working crazy hours to get everything done in preparation for the next week) or because in both the positions I’ve held, my job seems to take a hiatus during holiday weekends.

Either way, short weeks drag on. With a lack of people in the office (none now due to Florida kinda dying), the excitement of weekend plans, and the thought of sleeping in until after the sun rises.

I hope you all get to enjoy a short week and a long weekend, take a shot for me!

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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