What the Heck is Condensed Soup?

And why is it a thing?

Yesterday I decided to have my old trusted grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. I sauntered over to my boyfriends pantry and picked up what I believed to be a regular can of tomato soup. NOT.

I started dumping it into a dish to warm up in the microwave but it was all gloppy and wouldn’t come out. My boyfriend told me to get a spoon and asked if it was condensed soup, which I replied with a, ‘what is that?’

Seriously, up until this moment I had no idea what condensed foods and that they expanded to more than just condensed milk! Even condensed milk, I had no idea what is was but I heard of it in terms of baking before but since I don’t bake – I was banned by my mother – I’ve never seen it in the flesh!

So, I learned that condensed soup is legit the soup without the liquid. What I would expect space soup to be like – hey SpaceX, need some soup? Tyler told me one can soup with one can water then mix it all up. Then he proceeded to tell me about condensed juice and then I lost track of all the condensed foods.

That was my adult learning of the day, foods can come condensed, who knew!?

I’m going to file this under the ‘weird adult facts I’ve come across’ in my brain that I will maybe, one day, remember.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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