Can Wine be My Dentist?

Serious question here, people!

I’m sitting here pressing my tongue along my upper left teeth to relieve the pressure of the pain while thinking back on how long it’s been since I’ve been to the dentist. Growing up my parents had us all on a strict doctor and dentist schedule. Then I got to college and took advantage of my mothers severe concussion (that was the result of me leaving the treadmill down) and got out of the dentist almost every time saying it was my sisters turn.

Growing up it never seemed like anything was wrong, I’d go to the dentist every six months and get told my teeth look great but I should start flossing. I’d go to the doctor every year and get told my blood pressure is great, I’m still short, and nothing has changed!

Now I’m an adult with a toothache!? In all honesty, I’m probably just getting my wisdom teeth because my 12 year old molers grew in when I was in college and my baby teeth didn’t even fall out until high school, my teeth were late bloomers which led me to believe that I would one day crest that normal height size – nope, still 5’2″.

Now that I’m feeling the pain of adulthood does this mean I need to become a real adult and start setting up my own appointments and getting my very own primary care physician!? Because I really liked my pediatrician – especially when I would beat his daughter in field hockey!

At what point do we become too old to ask our parents to set our appointments? And when do have to start worrying about things like high cholesterol, that seemed so far off merely years ago? Nothing seemed life threatening in college, I felt like I was on top of the world (even when I had an issue for four years and my doctor almost fainted when I told him how long it had been going on for) nothing could hurt me, but now I’m sitting here wondering if I should worry about that new mole on my right boob.

Adulting is hard, calling to make an appointment at a new doctors office is even harder. On top of that, I was the dummy to move 1500 miles away so I guess using my parents doctors is off the table now. Do people just ask their friends who they use? What if they’re not on my plan? How do you vet doctors and dentists? I don’t want to go to a dentist and come out missing teeth and in debt!

Can we as a collective all agree that our parents can call and make our appointments and set our schedules until we’re 75? Cool, I feel like we are all in agreement here, so I’ll just let my mom know she has to call and find a dentist for me, and probably drive me there, too.

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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