Escaping Florida

Hi all!

So, some exciting news on my end… I’m currently “road tripping” back to New York with my mom! Decided a change of scenery and escaping to my hometown would do me some good.

And yes I put road tripping in quotes because it’s not a road trip road trip where we stop at side show attractions and stay the night in cool cities like Savannah. Rather it’s a let’s get from Florida to New York as fast as possible without stopping too much and contracting the coronavirus!

It’s currently 3:44AM and we’re stopped at a rest stop in Maryland to take a power nap before finishing off the last three hours of the trip. And by napping, I mean my mom is snoring and I can’t seem to get shut eye so I decided to update you all on my adventures!

While this isn’t a ‘find new places to explore’ road trip, it has still been quite a time. I had my mom stop at COOKOUT for her first ever COOKOUT experience and it’s safe to say, she’ll be stopping there again!

We’ve spent the past 18 hours bonding and laughing at stories and just goofing off to stay entertained.

I’m super excited to get to New York to first, sleep in my amazing Tempur-Pedic bed that my parents refused to pay to get shipped down to Florida from our house. Secondly, sleep in that Tempur-Pedic bed with my families cats and dogs and hey, maybe I’ll even fall asleep with a bird on me – yes we have five parrots. And thirdly, explore the Hudson Valley with some of my best friends from high school.

I’ll keep you all updated on my adventure and give you a sneak peek into my New York life – very different than my beach life in St. Petersburg! But for now, enjoy my mom opening up her first COOKOUT meal below!

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