It’s My Birthday!

I can drink if I want to!

I just made that song the adult version.

It’s my 24th birthday and it was quite weird.

Minus all the COVID-19 stuff and having to wear a mask while my mom took me out to dinner, this was the first time I had to work on my birthday and I was NOT a fan.

I have a summer birthday (obvi) so all through school I spent the whole day partying and doing whatever I wanted to do. Then last year – my first year working – my birthday fell on a Sunday so we partied hard Saturday then had a picnic on Sunday.

Then this year comes around and I’m hiding out in my childhood house with some puppies, cats, and birds, and WORKING. Not to mention, when I lived in this house, definitely never thought I’d ever be working. Adult life seemed so far away and boring and not for me, I figured I would either live off of my dad’s credit card or marry one of the guys I went to prep school with and never lift a finger besides cleaning the bunny litter. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, my parents think they gave us the tools we needed in our early lives to set us up for a successful future on our own, and I grew a heart and couldn’t use a guy for money.

None the less, my mom made sure to give me a birthday worthy of your highness, me.

She bought me a beautiful dress, some rings – already broke one-, and took me out to my favorite Mexican spot up on the reservoir – yes, reservoirs are a thing up here. Now we’re sitting here with some face masks on while I sober up from my peach margaritas that tasted like straight tequila.

I can’t tell if I feel so weird from my age, 24, an age where I feel like I should start feeling like an adult and understand what a 401K is, or the fact that the world is kinda in shambles.

It’s been a strange year for sure, I still wish I was 21 and in college dancing my Friday nights away at Brews and ordering Roma on the Go every Saturday at 11AM.

I’ve put a lot into this year, and even though I hate how old I am – am I too old to be cute – I’m actually very proud of myself. I’m happy with where I’m going and what I’ve learned and will learn along the way.

OH ALSO! We’re fostering a puppy this week and just look at how dang adorable this guy is.

Sorry this was all jumbled – blame the margs! But Just wanted to update you on my life and shamelessly solicite some ‘Happy Birthdays’ from everyone.

Well, happy birthday to me! Hope you all enjoyed my birthday! And yes, I am this conceited, I like to think it’s LCS – Last Child Syndrome.

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