I’m in My Own Renaissance

I feel as if I am going through a rebirth – a birth to adulthood in a sense.

This past year has been a completely new experience for me. I think this year has been the first year I started to act like an adult. I’m in a committed relationship, I’ve adopted two more pets WITH my boyfriend, I traveled places that my Dad DIDN’T pay for, I’ve worked an entire year, I learned what a credit card bill is, and I even paid myself to get my hair dyed.

I like to think (but also cry) that I’m on my way to adulthood. Definitely still have a ways to go since I still don’t pay rent (soon to change when I officially move in with Tyler) and I’m totally still on my families phone plan.

This blog has been a way for me to kinda push myself to grow and understand adulthood.

I ventured out and started writing about traveling, too, something that has always been very important to me. But now I appreciate it in a different way. When I was younger I never needed to work to travel, every year my dad would just ask us kids where we wanted to go that year and then it’d be booked. Now I’m understanding the need for a job to travel and a good job that has solid vacation days to use that money to travel. I’m also appreciating traveling within my area now, too. I’m rethinking what travel is.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s kinda ironic that I’m now writing about travel after I’ve gone on these trips that people wait their whole lives to go on – seriously, there was about 10 people under 65 on the Alaskan cruise.

At first I was a little butthurt about how I’ve gone on these amazing trips already that I should’ve been writing about, and who knows how long it’ll be until I can afford to do those trips again, by myself or with my future family.

Then I changed my view. While I’ll still preview some of the amazing trips I have been on -well the parts I remember enough about – I’m going to look at this as the beginning of a new Rachie era. A time to explore with AND without my family. To venture out on my own and write about how I’ve decided to go where I go, how I’ve found places to travel and explore, and what it’s realistically like to travel in your twenties. I’m super grateful for the places my dad has taken me over the years, and the places he will continue to take me, but I’m excited to see the places my own sense of adventure will take me.

Along with journaling my travels, I’m excited to see where else adulthood will take me. And this blog, right here, is the place that will see it all unfold. I’m growing into the person that my parents say I’m meant to be. I’m having my very own renaissance.

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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