Changing the “Work Life” Mindset

The more I’ve been blogging about my adventures and looking back on some of the amazing destinations I’ve travelled to, the more I’ve been realizing that maybe this mold of the ‘All-American dream’ with the white picket fence isn’t for me. To fit this mold you need to be okay with giving 9+ hours of your day, EVERYDAY, to a company that may not even know your birthday, while giving another up to two hours of your day just driving to and from that job because all the big paying jobs are within big city limits.

There is SOOOOOO much to experience that the normal work life we’ve all come to know and hate don’t allow for – at least not in the U.S. Our work structure does not allow us to leave and experience other cultures, the only culture we get to experience in this model is our office culture.

This is the only work model I have ever known. My dad has dedicated nearly 30 years of his life to the same boss, and yes, he’s lucky, he made it to the top of his field so he get the recognition he deserves, but for the past nearly 30 years he’s woken up at 5:30AM to get to the train by 6:30AM, sat on the train for an hour and a half and then sat on the Subway for another half hour, worked until the evening then did the whole trip again back to a family running crazy through his house. But to us, this was the right thing, he made the money to live in a a giant house in the “good” part of town, he took us out to steak dinners, he was there every weekend for every soccer game, and he took us to Disney every year. I wanted his life.

Now, I can’t imagine staying in the same house or even the same state for that long! My dad is 53 and he is just now “moving” out of New York for the first time.

Not saying his life was wrong, he enjoyed his life and for him, it was the life he wanted, but it’s not the life for me.

I understand the importance of working so I can provide for all of my furbabies (honestly, they’re my biggest money motivators) and so I can travel, but the typical work model may not be for me.

I see all of these people traveling all over the world, something I would totally love to do, but sometimes I feel like people forget how magnificent and diverse the US geography and climate can be. I think it’s due to the environment I grew up in, where everyone summered in Europe.

While I want to explore all of these places, my bunnies and dog are my absolute life, I couldn’t part from them for longer than two weeks at a time. Luckily, there’s a million places within the continental US and even Canada and Mexico I can drive to.

Thinking about all of this has made me really want to travel with my pets and boyfriend in an RV or a tiny home type of set up. Wake up everyday in a different city, over looking a new landscape, for a new sunrise.

To do this, I would obviously need a job that allows me to be remote or even better, become my own boss. To be able to control my days and what hours I work and when I work.

As we move further through my own life, I see so many people taking that plunge and controlling their own life, valuing travel over materials. And I love seeing what everyone does with their travel and how they got there and I hope to one day join these people, traveling everyday and experiencing something different than the American work model.

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