Living the Unemployed Life

It’s 12:44 and I’m sitting in Book + Bottle – the coolest little wine bar- bookstore combo – with a mimosa in hand and a whole day ahead of me with absolutely nothing planned.

Yesterday, after the whole laying off business, was probably the longest day of my life. It was the first day I didn’t have a plan or at least an idea of what I was going to do. And no one to do anything with.

I was so set in the 9-5 lifestyle of waking up every morning at 7AM, going for a run with the dog, coming back and opening up my laptop for the next 8-10 hours of the day, cook dinner, watch Netflix, go to bed, repeat until the weekend gets here. My weekends were always the same with sleeping in Saturday then heading over to my house to jet ski then exploring on Sunday, just to repeat the cycle again starting Monday.

I’ve never been one to plan out my every move but I am always excited to see what the next day brings me, and I usually go to bed thinking ‘man, I can’t wait to try this tomorrow,’ whether it be some new vegan cream cheese I bought or trying out a new SUP board.

But this was a first for me, I thought I knew what I was doing for the day but that all got wiped out.

I sat on the sofa mindlessly watching movies until my boyfriend came home so I could mindlessly watch more movies with him.

I told myself I’d give myself one day, one measly day to mope and be depressed. Then it’s back to business.

So that’s my plan today. Drinking mimosas and planning my next move. And I know this next one will be good and you’re going to want to stick around to see.

Follow along on social to maybe get a sneak peek of my next move 😉

Published by Rachie Levy

Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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