Moving Back Home

The global pandemic started a domino effect in mine and Tyler’s lives. Besides the cosmetic part of our life of cancelling trips to the Caribbean and Spain and Hawaii will probably be the next to go. The pandemic sorta put a hold on all 2020 plans, for everyone.

In my case, this is how it went down: pandemic happens, pandemic shuts down the world essentially, all events are cancelled, sports are all cancelled, no sporting events mean no money for a sporting event companies, no money means lay-offs, which means I get laid off, which means I have no money to move in with my boyfriend, which means our budget goes down, pandemic also means almost all houses in our desired areas getting taken off the market, we ask his apartment complex if we can stay another term, we get denied, lease is up, we are now moving into my parents house.

And that is a rundown on how my pandemic is going… awesome, right?

I will say, we are eternally grateful to my parents for letting us stay at their vacation house, rent free – even after my mom freaked out on me for adopting more bunnies. This way we can save up our money for our next big move! Plus, my parents house is on the water and has jet skis so can’t complain.

The only downside is… dun dun dun… because of the pandemic, my dad has been staying at our vacation house AND my brother and his girlfriend that absolutely HATES me! So there will be my dad right above us as Tyler and I are doing the dirty, then sharing a kitchen with a girl that refuses to talk to me and every time I’m around she slams doors and stomps her feet… and yes her and my brother are older than me.

So my boyfriend and I are that couple, the couple living in their parents house! Go us! Because we are *totally* doing this adulting thing right. But that’s the pandemic…right? Or is it us just being THAT couple, the world may never know!

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