Fighting with Family as an Adult

This week has been super stressful already with planning an entire move and ensuring that my three fur-babies have a stress free move since they have already been on edge watching us pack all of our things in boxes – all three fur-babies are rescues and we don’t know the full story on any of them but with three rescues it’s not unlikely one of them has been left behind before.

On top of this move, I am at WAR with my brother and his girlfriend. Without getting into specifics, I may have lost my temper at my brother which in turn caused his girlfriend to get pissed at me and now she refuses to be in the same room as me. Now my family is all mad at me and calling me everyday telling me I must apologize… the kicker is, every time I come over to my families house, she sees me and stomps away into their room before I even have a chance to open my mouth.

Quite the pickle.

All of these calls during this stressful time have brought up a lot more emotions and anger and fights.

I thought when I became an adult these fights wouldn’t happen anymore. I didn’t think I would still be getting calls from a screaming mother and walking into a house of a disappointed father.

Do the fights ever stop or is this just me?

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Just a girl attempting to organize all of my thoughts!

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