‘The Time of Contempt’ Book Two in The Witcher Series

My boyfriend told me while watching the Netflix The Witcher series how fantasy stories going in every different direction. They can’t be one dimensional because then you don’t get the full story.

‘Blood of Elves’ the First of The Witcher Novels

Book: Blood of Elves Author: Andrzej Sapkowski Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Buy or Bye: BUY Thoughts: I’ll be honest here, I have already read ‘Blood of Elves’ and I am actually almost done with ‘The Time of Contempt’ the next novel in The Witcher series. I felt as if I needed to share myContinue reading “‘Blood of Elves’ the First of The Witcher Novels”

Love in the Time of Cholera – FINISHED (finally)

I guess people can find it romantic to wait over 50 years for your love, but I just don’t think I’m a romantic. I find it creepy and pathetic for someone to pine over someone for so long.