Quarantine Diaries

Moving Back Home

The global pandemic started a domino effect in mine and Tyler’s lives. Besides the cosmetic part of our life of cancelling trips to the Caribbean and Spain and Hawaii will probably be the next to go. The pandemic sorta put a hold on all 2020 plans, for everyone.

When Words Fail

I’ve been sitting on my sofa with a want to write, a want to further myself but at the same time my fingers fail to procure the words I’m thinking and a nap seems like the better option with every passing second.

Living the Unemployed Life

Yesterday, after the whole laying off business, was probably the longest day of my life. It was the first day I didn’t have a plan or at least an idea of what I was going to do. And no one to do anything with.

Flying During COVID-19

I’m coming at you from 39,908 feet above Atlantic City and a child kicking the back of my seat. I’m flying from Hartford, CT to Orlando FL – and I’m even wearing my Mickey Mouse mask and USF hoodie just in case people didn’t realize I’m from Florida!

It’s My Birthday!

I can’t tell if I feel so weird from my age, 24, an age where I feel like I should start feeling like an adult and understand what a 401K is, or the fact that the world is kinda in shambles.

It’s Been a Year

What better time to look back on the year than the unofficial start of the summer, the first long weekend of the pandemic, the phase one of opening back up.

Leave When It’s Time

Getting to roll out of bed and start working has its perks but it turned into a struggle to separate my work and home life. While working in the office the second I leave and walk through my door to a kiss from my boyfriend that means I am home, no more work. That’s my…

It’s Okay to Be Alone

In my time hanging out with my family, I forgot how important it is to have alone time, too. To let my thoughts go wild. To create something. To learn something. And just rejuvenate so I don’t implode.

Let’s Zoom

It was nice catching up with them but we kept it short and sweet so we don’t end up resenting each other for having to deal with awkward small talk. And that’s what it should be. People should be so terrified to set a time limit on their interactions.

Rachie’s Quarantine Must Have’s

I think I have a few things to share to my fellow quarantinees. I know you’re thinking, girl, everyone has their own tips and tricks, but hear me out, I’m cute and weird so I’m using it.

Partner Quarantine Life

Whether you’re getting off to a quick start by quarantining together early on, in that middle stage where no one knows if you’re living together or not (ME), or already took the plunge and are living together, quarantine changes things. Doesn’t necessarily mean changing for the worst but things CHANGE, especially when they are the…

Can We Talk?

But I swear, I’m not breaking up with you! And to be completely honest, I’ve never even initiated a break up with that line BUT this dude sophomore year of college totally broke up with me that way. IT’s cool, it’s cool, I’m over it. (insert eye roll).

I’m Back…Again. EEK

It’s me! I know I’ve been gone for quite sometime and I’m so sorry about that. Yes, of course we can catch up later over a glass of wine or whatever your choice of drink is during these times.

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